Evoke 2018 Availability Survey

It would be great to get an idea of your availability for the proposed Evoke dates in the next 6 months.  As a summary of the events:

21st April, 2018 – As a celebration of our very first rehearsal on 21st April 2016, we are planning an Evoke Retrospective Birthday Party/Performance celebration.  Afternoon rehearsal, evening event (with food, drink, balloons and party poppers)

12th May, 2018, c. 10.00-17.00 – Rehearsal day and opportunity for us to develop our promotional portfolio, making some really polished recordings, doing a bit of photography and some workshopping

18th May, 2018 – ***NEW DATE*** – On Tues 13th March we received an enquiry about giving a performance for a UK-wide research group that are having a conference/dinner.  The gig will be in Oxford, no earlier than 7.30pm to allow you to travel after work, and there is a substantial fee associated (c. £1300).  Your travel costs will be covered.  The enquiry came from a fellow who attended the Tasting Notes event in November and was so enchanted by your performance.  At this stage we are assessing feasibility, gig TBC.

Sun 3rd/17th June, 2018, 16.00-19.00 – ***NEW DATE*** – We are again invited to sing evensong at St Gabriel’s Church.  Before committing to a date, it would be great to find out which one suits the ensemble best.  Only one of these dates will be confirmed.

Sat 14th July, 2018 – ***NEW DATE*** – After postponing the Pub Quiz from March, we are proposing this as the new date for the event and it would be good to find out if it suits.  This will be a major fundraising event for the choir and so it is important to have as many of you (and your friends!) involved as possible.  Afternoon set-up, evening event.

Aug 16-19th, 2018 – Voces Academy Summer Conducting Programme.  We are engaged as the ensemble for this annual Summer event.  Activities include singing for masterclasses, a performance in Worcester Cathedral and a full Evoke-only rehearsal day.  Travel will be evening on Thurs 16th (after work) and return early evening Sun 19th.  Travel costs are covered.

Please let us know your availability by completing the following survey:

2018 Dates Survey

*We will be choosing only ONE evensong date - the one which has the best available attendance for a balanced ensemble.