Sponsor a Score

Support our singing.

Evoke’s vision is to bring a fresh perspective to choral music, breaking down barriers and challenging traditional stereotypes. One of the ways in which we do this is by performing repertoire that is lesser-known in the UK, e.g. by Norwegian and Danish composers, often in their native languages. We champion this music because we believe that it deserves to be
better known here.

We can’t hire this music because such scores are not readily available in the UK. Instead, we purchase all of our scores. As well as giving us the flexibility to perform a wider range of repertoire, owning our scores enables us to promote this lesser-known music and share it with a wide audience.

We are a self-financed choir and we as members contribute financially so that we have the opportunity to sing this amazing music. But buying music is expensive – so we need your support to help us build the Evoke library.

You can share in our singing by sponsoring one of our scores. Whether you’d like to support your favourite piece from our most recent concert, a piece you’ve never heard before, or you’d like to contribute generally towards our library cause – you’ll see below that there are a wide range of options available.

Whatever you feel able to give, your support individually and collectively will make a great difference our singing, as we can’t sing without scores!

To sponsor a score or talk about this further, please email Ellie at info@evokemusic.org.

Thank you for supporting our singing.

Score Composer Sponsorship
Mass for Double Choir Martin Kindly sponsored by Virginia and Richard Jennings
Four Shakespeare Songs Mäntyjärvi £250
The Wee Wee Man Holmboe Kindly sponsored by Edition Wilhelm Hansen
Take Him Earth for Cherishing Howells Kindly sponsored by Clare Johnson
The Coolin Barber Kindly sponsored by Séamus Rea
Tvenne Folkvisor (Two Folksongs) Edlund £100
A Lyke-Wake Dirge Holmboe £90
Libera Plebum Joubert £90
The Hills Ireland £75
O Oriens McDowall £65
Ave Maris Stella Kverno £60
Libera me Bárdos £50
Daemon Irrepit Callidus Orbán Kindly sponsored by Adam Simons
Sheet music sponsorship   £5 to £40
(please specify amount)