About the Choir

Evoke is a dynamic new chamber choir formed in 2016 by Artistic Director, Victoria Ely, and based in London.  We are a group of young singers who come from all walks of life – teachers, investment bankers, artists, ex-choral scholars… all with the common goal of working towards the highest-level of musicmaking.  The vision of the ensemble is to bring a fresh perspective to choral music; challenging traditional stereotypes, keeping choral music relevant in contemporary society and exploring new performance environments and formats.

Repertoire is widely varied, singing works that range from traditional classical choral (early to 21st century) to modern pop and jazz, as well as a particular interest in exploring music from across the globe which is rarely sung in the UK.  Evoke is unique in it’s approach; at the core of the choir’s values is a sense of inclusion, supportiveness, care and a fondness for partying.

In its short lifetime, Evoke has been enthusiastically received in concert in London and abroad, including tours to Copenhagen and Heidelberg and becoming prize-winners at the Polifonico Guido d’Arezzo International Choral Competition, Italy.  Evoke is proud of its reputation as one of the best choirs for young people in London, both musically and socially.  Future plans include tours to Germany, Norway and Australia, European choral festivals and recordings.